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Benefits of Buying Custom Made Furniture

Your home’s interior is a reflection of your personality and lifestyle – so, why fill it with generic furniture pieces? 

Although there may be a time and a place for standard, mass-market furniture and décor, a growing number of people are searching for something decidedly different. Instead of owning furniture that looks like it could be found in virtually any home or store, more people want pieces that have been flawlessly tailored to suit their personal style, home, and needs. 

Beautifully unique, exceptionally high-quality, and crafted according to your exact specifications: this is custom-made furniture.

Custom-Made Furniture and What It Means for Your Home 

Essentially, custom furniture (or “custom-made furniture”) refers to pieces that have been designed and built based on an individual consumer’s specifications. At a luxury furniture store like Interior Essentials, that means having the flexibility to select from a curated collection of customization options that can include:

  • Fabric/upholstery
  • Color
  • Size
  • Shape
  • Style
  • Configuration
  • Finish
  • Price point

There are key differences between high-end, designer-quality custom furniture and the mass-produced styles that offer one or two ways to personalize a piece. Even though both types are, technically speaking, within the larger category of custom furniture, they couldn’t be less similar. Custom furniture’s craftsmanship, quality, style, and longevity typically far exceed anything available from a standard e-retailer.

That is not to say that mass-produced furniture doesn’t come with its own specific strengths, especially in terms of accessibility and affordability. But for the individual who wants something more – distinctive style and a piece that feels “just right” for a space – nothing can compare to custom-designed furniture.

What are the Benefits of Custom-made Furniture?

If you’re considering custom furniture for your home, you may be interested in the specific advantages it can offer. When you choose a reputable furniture retailer with a skilled design team on hand, you’ll find that there are plenty of perks to buying custom-made pieces.

1. The quality of our custom furniture is unmatched.

Investing in furniture is not a decision to be taken lightly. For the best possible investment, you’ll want pieces that boast the ultimate in timeless style, quality materials and craftsmanship, and durability. 

Custom-made furniture, specifically those pieces available from leading designers and showrooms, takes quality to an entirely new level. Not only is the design and construction of a custom piece far superior, but the actual materials used almost always outshine mass-market options. For example, a luxury custom sofa can be crafted with outstanding materials such as linen, authentic leather, and others. From the types of wood to the fabrics, upholstery, and assembly materials, each and every element of custom-designed furniture truly embody quality.

And as such, custom furniture can be a lasting investment that stands the test of time in your home. The right pieces will outlast passing trends, withstand everyday use, and become staples in your home’s interior for years to come.

2. Custom pieces can be the perfect match for even the most challenging of spaces.

Are you struggling with a space or floor plan that’s unusually shaped? Perhaps you have a highly unique, open-concept floor plan that simply isn’t suited to standard furniture. Or maybe your primary bedroom, study, or family room is a very large space in which most furniture feels far too small.

Whatever the case, custom furniture is often the ideal option for these difficult-to-design rooms. Because you can adjust a piece’s specifications down to the last inch and even personalize its exact shape, you can truly devise the perfect solution for any space. 

As architectural trends continue to reinforce open-concept design, spacious rooms, and highly functional spaces, custom furniture continues to rise to the occasion.

3. Personalized furniture makes it simple to turn a house into an incredibly special home.

Whether your personal taste leans towards timeless traditional, eclectic modern, or anywhere in between, having the ability to customize your furniture ensures that your home will look and feel like you. There’s simply nothing like the freedom to design the “perfect piece,” which is exactly what custom furniture offers.

At Interior Essentials, we’ve had the privilege of witnessing the many ways in which the custom furniture process can make design dreams come true. From the homeowner searching for a family-friendly sectional that complements a treasured family heirloom to the interior designer looking for a rare fabric in a particular hue, we’ve been able to turn inspiration into reality.

Explore Your Options for Custom Furniture in Gilbert and Scottsdale

Interior Essentials is the Valley’s trusted source for luxury furniture and home décor, including custom-made furniture, window coverings, and more. Our doors are open to design professionals and the public alike, putting high-end custom furniture design within convenient reach.

For the best custom furniture design services in Scottsdale, Gilbert, and the Valley as a whole, look no further than Interior Essentials. Visit our showrooms to start creating your perfect piece today!


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