Enliven Your Living Room With Custom Furniture

There’s a popular saying that describes the kitchen as the “heart of the home,” but which space is your home’s soul? Here at Interior Essentials, we firmly believe that the living room is the soul of any home; a place where a lifetime of memories can be made. Whether your home serves as a casual …

A Look at Custom Furniture Options

Like that furniture piece – but it’s not perfect? Look at custom furniture options

For many people, custom furniture sounds like something reserved for those with expansive budgets and multimillion-dollar homes. However, in today’s world of design and décor, custom furniture may be far more accessible than you’d think – especially if you choose Interior Essentials as your design source. And once you learn more about custom furniture, you can’t afford to miss out on.


Interior Design Trends for Fall 2020

There’s never been a better time to put your unique touch on your home, whether you’re considering a full redesign or just a simple refresher. With fall fast approaching, the latest interior design trends are opening up a new world of possibilities for creating a stylish space that genuinely speaks to you.
Here are a few of our design team’s favorite home design trends for fall 2020, giving you plenty of options for reimagining virtually every room in your home.


Custom Furniture

Shopping for custom furniture is an experience that differs dramatically from buying out-of-the-box furniture, and there’s virtually no question as to which one is the better choice. While standard furniture collections feature only a series of identical, mass-produced pieces, custom designs allow you to create a piece that’s specifically suited to your preferences.