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Salvaged Beauty: Taracea Sustainable Furniture

Author: Victoria Larsen

Taracea’s Sustainable Furniture

The forests of the world are a natural gem and a tremendous resource to humanity. We need our forests for more than supplying building materials, our forests absorb 40% of carbon emissions we create, greatly contributing to climate control. Many companies are looking at their wood suppliers with scrutiny and are moving to sustainably harvested hardwoods.

Taracea takes their forest conservation efforts to the next level by creating custom furniture without any deforestation. Their beautifully hand-craft coffee tables, dining tables, and sideboards are made from trees salvaged from hurricanes or fallen from “old age”, environmental conditions.
In their own words

“By strategically sourcing wood instead of using
intensive forestry methods, we actively reduce the
carbon dioxide in our atmosphere. In this way, each
TARACEA® creation enriches the environment.
We take great care to recover fallen and hurricane-tumbled
trees without damaging their surrounding ecosystems. This
process can take years from start to finish. Ours is a difficult
but highly rewarding job that allows us to rescue what would
otherwise have been wasted, and to reduce carbon emissions
in the process. There’s a certain beauty that only time can create.
Our reclamation process allows us to harness the wood’s
authentic character in the creation of our designs.”

Taracea Furniture Showroom in Gilbert,  AZ

Visit the Interior Essentials Furniture Showroom in Gilbert to view the vibrant character of Taracea wood furniture. The customizable furniture line can be adjusted to suit your space perfectly. The line transcends from traditionally detailed furniture to modern furniture fusing wood and metal.

Taracea Furniture Showroom in Scottsdale,  AZ

If you’re not in Gilbert, you can also visit us in Scottsdale to browse our selection of Taracea furniture.

The Placa Buffet

The Placa Buffet, shown on the showroom floor, is an excellent example of modern furniture pieces that blend into any style with impact. Dining Tables have a choose your base program and can feature live-edge wood slabs. Coffee tables can be resized to fit your living room furniture flawlessly.

The Tacto End-Grain Coffee Table

The Tacto End-Grain Coffee Table, shown on the showroom floor mixes artisan metal with a light bleached wood finish- surging in popularity. Many furniture pieces can be recreated in this popular finish. No 2 pieces could ever be the same- the variations of natural wood make your piece unique and 1-of-a-kind. Visit us at Interior Essentials today!