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Salvaged Beauty: Taracea Sustainable Furniture

Author: Victoria Larsen Taracea’s Sustainable Furniture The forests of the world are a natural gem and a tremendous resource to humanity. We need our forests for more than supplying building materials, our forests absorb 40% of carbon emissions we create, greatly contributing to climate control. Many companies are looking at their wood suppliers with scrutiny …

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How Does the Custom Furniture Process Work?

Custom-designed furniture allows you to create a space made for you, literally! At Interior Essentials, we work with you every step of the way to create beautiful, custom-made furniture for your home. Our brands are all exclusive in their personalized way: style, size, finishes, upholstery, product range, and price point. Together, they cover anything any …

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Sustainable Furniture and Society

We proudly partner with furniture manufacturers that support craftsman, not machines, leaving our capabilities for customization endless. Expert designers guide you through the process of creating custom furniture that fits, finishes and fabrics that feel good, and quality made to last. We value our manufacturers sustainability efforts and use of health-conscious materials, making our custom …