Interior Design Modernization Tips

Interior Design Modernization Tips. Are you ready to breathe new life into your space and infuse your home with a stylish, modern look? Updating your interiors doesn’t mean you need to invest your time, money, and energy into a full-scale renovation – in fact, you can achieve just as impressive an impact with a redesign of your furniture and decor.

From adjusting the color palette in your home to adding thoughtful details and finishes, there are many ways you can transform each room with decor. Rather than knocking down walls and remodeling from the ground up, you can switch things up by trying new paint colors, reconsidering room layouts, and swapping outdated pieces for quality furniture and unique decor.

Interior Essentials’ interior design team has put together a useful guide for refreshing every room in your home, assembling a handy list of tips for how to modernize your home without ever calling in a contractor.

Tips for How to Modernize Your Home Interior Design

If it’s been more than a few years since you’ve thought about the design of your home, the odds are good that it might look and feel a bit out of style. While there are certain design elements that can transcend any trend, virtually every house needs a refreshed redesign occasionally.

We’ve rounded up a collection of simple ways to revive even the dullest and drab space in your home without the need for a renovation:

1. Do A Quick Walk-through Of Every Space To Pinpoint What Needs To Go And What Should Stay

Sometimes, you can tell that a room doesn’t quite feel right – but you can’t quite put your finger on why. Before you begin shopping for new decor for your house, prepare by assessing what you already have. Go through all of your home’s rooms, taking a critical look at each one.

Make a list of the items that you definitely want to be rid of, including any inspired by a bygone trend. If you have furniture or decor that doesn’t align with your personality or style, eliminate those from the design as well. Then, decide which home decor elements still have a special place in your heart – depending on your personal preferences, this could be a very short (or nonexistent) list.

Once you’ve covered your entire floor plan, you’ll have a better idea of what you want and need to change in each one of the rooms.

2. Look To The Walls And Windows For High-impact, Low-effort Results

In homes around the world, many people are constantly changing furniture and decor without ever considering the four walls that surround each room. And yet, the transformative power of window coverings and paint should never be underestimated.

In a room that feels bland or boring, consider painting an accent wall in a bold shade or giving the wallpaper a try. Look for color scheme inspiration from designers you admire or save photos of rooms you like to better understand your paint color personality might be.

For your windows, invest in high-end treatments to make a profound style statement. Whether you opt for draperies, smart shades, or shutters, the right window treatments can serve both form and function.

3. Make Your Design Dreams A Reality With Custom Furniture

We all have at least one room in our home that presents us with a design dilemma, whether it’s limited space, an unusual floor plan, or the need to serve multiple purposes. But you don’t have to settle for a tired set-up that’s just “good enough,” especially in a space that’s not suited to your modern-day lifestyle.

With custom furniture, you can craft pieces that flawlessly fit your space. From color scheme and size to price point and upholstery, the options are endless. You might be surprised to learn that custom-designed furniture is more affordable than you think, especially when considering the unmatched value of finding the perfect piece for your living space, kitchen, dining room, or bedroom.

4. Don’t Forget The Decor Details

Maybe you already love the staple pieces that are in a room, or perhaps you don’t have the time to replace them all. You can still change the way a room looks with some thoughtful adjustments to decor.

Details such as throw pillows, table and floor lamps, wall art, and accents can do a lot in terms of the look and feel of any space. Often, when a room feels unfinished or overly generic, it’s simply missing a few distinctive decor elements. Add interest to bookshelves, tabletops, and niches with special accents, and use lighting to set the mood and add functionality. Sometimes, it’s the little things that make the most significant differences.

5. Skip Trends And Stick With Your Personal Style

Above all, the best way to create a home you love is to stay true to your style. Not sure what your home decor style actually is? An experienced interior designer can help you figure out what you like and how to weave those elements into designs for each space.

It can be all too easy to become wrapped up in the latest design trends, but many trends pass just as quickly as they arrive. But if you base your efforts on the purposeful search for your unique style, the end result will be fantastic. As the iconic interior design expert Billy Baldwin once said, “Be faithful to your own taste, because nothing you really like is ever out of style.”

Interior Essentials: Your Source for All Things Design

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