New-Build Guide to Custom Home Furniture

Key takeaways:

    • Before moving into a new home, envisioning your dream design helps you make furniture and decor decisions.
    • Hiring a design firm can keep you on track and help you make more informed design decisions.
    • Custom home furniture is an excellent solution if you can’t find a furniture piece to fit your vision.

As a new homeowner, creating a space of your own involves carefully assessing the rooms and building a design plan around your needs, wants, and style. Designing your perfect space takes a multifaceted approach, and enlisting the help of an experienced interior design professional can give your new house the customized feel of a dream home.

Pre-Design Considerations

Before you begin designing your new home spaces, make sure you have found an interior designer that understands your vision and style. Most reputable design companies create beautiful homes, but you want to make sure the style resonates with you since you will be the one who spends time surrounded by your new selections. Before meeting with potential design companies, you may need to make some initial preparations first.

    • Review your current pieces. If you plan to move any of your current furniture, specialty pieces, or decor to your new home, take a quick inventory of your must-keeps so your designer can work around these pieces. Moving into a new home is an opportunity to start with a fresh look, so leaving behind some of your old space’s design elements can be an easy way to revamp your style.
    • Picture living in your space. As beautiful as you would love your home to be, you also need to make sure the space is functional for your lifestyle. Take into consideration the needs of your family members and pets.
    • Take measurements. Although the exact measurements will be taken before items are ordered, measuring rooms and specific areas you know will need to fit larger furniture pieces in advance can help you narrow down the types of items you need to include.
    • Find your inspiration. Before meeting with a design company, you should have a good idea about your personal style and taste. If you aren’t sure how you want to proceed in your new home, find inspiration on websites, in magazines, or by checking out other Scottsdale, North Phoenix, or Paradise Valley homes. Another option is to visit local interior design company showrooms for fully visualized design ideas.

Benefits of Hiring a Design Firm

Before moving into a new home, whether it is a new build or a previously owned house, is the perfect time for a fresh start. Although you may want to incorporate heirloom or sentimental decor into your decorating vision, choosing home furniture that has been customized exactly to suit the look of your new home can elevate the entire space. Choosing a design company to assist you with your furniture and decor purchases has distinct advantages over picking out every piece on your own or transferring furniture from another home. These advantages can make the process easier and more enjoyable, so your only responsibility is moving in and enjoying your new surroundings.

    • Process guidance. Interior design for your new home can be an exciting yet daunting process. Professional designers can walk you through each step with ease, allowing you to release your creativity in a focused and beneficial way.
    • Timeline establishment. Some items for your new home should ideally be ordered far enough in advance for arrival and installation prior to move-in day. Living room furniture, dining tables and chairs, bedroom sets, mattresses, and other large items should be in place before you arrive. Smaller decor items, including rugs, lighting, accessories, and heirloom or antique pieces, can arrive after move-in for supervised arrangement.
    • Semi-custom or fully custom furniture access. Whether you have a clear picture in your mind of the perfect furniture piece or only have a general idea of the style you desire, your designer can help you gain access to semi-custom or fully custom home furniture. Semi-custom pieces already exist in one form, but you can make specific changes to turn it into an item that works in your home. Fully custom pieces are designed for your exact needs from start to finish.
    • Cohesive design throughout. A significant benefit to choosing an experienced home designer is the flow that is established throughout your new home. Whereas many homeowners see a house broken down into individual rooms, designers create a look that ties the entire house together in a cohesive way. Each room can be customized individually, but in the end, every room is tied together beautifully.
    • Avoiding common mistakes. Working with a design firm can help you avoid some of the common pitfalls new homeowners fall into when decorating a new space. Attempting to buy all items at once instead of seeing how the anchoring pieces work in the space and then adding decor accordingly can result in too much unusable decor. Another common regret is purchasing entire rooms from a showroom or catalog without taking into consideration the look and functionality in the new space.

Custom Home Furniture Process

Finding the perfect anchoring furniture pieces for your new home can be difficult. Although many luxury furniture companies sell beautifully-designed pieces, finding the perfect one that checks off every box for your home can take time. If you have an idea in mind for your dining, living, family, bed, or other room furniture but can’t find a piece to match your vision, the custom home furniture process may be right for you.

    • Semi-custom furniture. Suppose you are looking for a specific item and find a piece that nearly meets the criteria with the exception of some modifications. In that case, you can make these changes using a semi-custom design option. Materials, fabrics, stain, leg shape, and upholstery are all semi-custom option examples.
    • Fully custom home furniture. Designing your furniture from scratch is the best way to bring the exact vision of your home to life. Your custom furniture company of choice works with you through a multistep process. The designer typically views your space and, through a series of consultations and meetings, draws up plans for your furniture designs. After you have agreed upon the design, the final plans are drafted and the furniture is built with quality and care. The final steps are delivery and installation, with a focus on making sure the finished item meets your expectations.

Custom Home Design in Scottsdale and Gilbert, AZ

Decorating a new home, especially one that is new construction, is an important part of moving. Your new space should reflect your family’s needs and style, so many things should be taken into consideration when you plan your dream interior. One of the easiest and most fulfilling ways to furnish according to your vision is to incorporate a professional design team. Your design firm can connect you with fully custom home furniture companies so you never have to worry about not being about to find the ideal piece for your space. If you are looking for a design company in the Scottsdale, AZ area with the talent and experience to take care of all of your new home design needs, contact Interior Essentials to set up a consultation.


Featured Image: Panayot Savov