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Side Tables

Is there any piece of furniture more versatile than a classic side table? Nearly every room benefits from the addition of a well-designed side table, making it a piece that will truly be a style essential in any home. 

All too often, side tables are overlooked during the design process. But even if you aren’t planning to make a dramatic style statement with your side table, that certainly doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a piece that’s equal parts beautiful and practical. Well-crafted side tables will contribute to the look and feel of a space, rather than take away from its overall aesthetic.

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Interior Essentials offers an outstanding selection of side tables for sale in Gilbert and Scottsdale at our luxury design showrooms. Whether you’re transforming your entire home or simply elevating a single room’s style, you’ll discover everything you need right here.

In addition to our collection of designer furniture and décor, Interior Essentials also provides custom design options. Customize finishes, colors, sizes, and more, and enjoy the luxury of furniture crafted expressly for you.

For more details about our Phoenix custom furniture design services, contact the Interior Essentials team. Or, browse our online catalog to start shopping for your perfect pieces today!