Sustainable Furniture and Society

We proudly partner with furniture manufacturers that support craftsman, not machines, leaving our capabilities for customization endless. Expert designers guide you through the process of creating custom furniture that fits, finishes and fabrics that feel good, and quality made to last. We value our manufacturers sustainability efforts and use of health-conscious materials, making our custom furniture a healthy addition to your home. We believe what goes into making your furniture is important to you and the environment. Sustainability is often a buzz word in the design and custom furniture world. Consumers are more concerned than ever about ethical practices while utilizing our worlds natural resources and a spotlight on fair trade practices to ensure workers efforts to harvest and create the materials are compensated fairly. Cisco Home is redefining how we think about sustainability as members of our community. Beyond being founding members of the Sustainable Furniture Console, Cisco Home is encouraging us to consider sustainability from the local level to create and promote stronger communities. Cisco Home is proud to donate their furniture showrooms and factories to benefit nonprofit and local charities and take time to teach trade and employable skills to underserved people. They work with organizations like Refoundry or META to provide opportunities to those around us to build the next generation of craftspeople. Refoundry’s mission is to provide formerly incarcerated people with skills and opportunities to achieve financial independence and become leaders and job creators in our communities. They are encouraged to repurpose discarded materials into home furnishings and furniture. Taking time to mentor and guide them on career paths that can often lead to entrepreneurship.When selecting custom furniture manufacturers to bring to our community, we consider their impact on the environment and society. We want you to feel confident they have hands on involvement in selecting every element of their furniture, so the environment is taken care of properly and people are paid appropriately. Cisco Home is creating lifestyle furniture you can feel good about.