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Holiday Gifts that are Essential for New Home Owners

Holiday Gifts that are Essential

Holiday Gifts. Whether you have noticed a new family moving into the neighborhood or you have a friend who has recently made a move, coming up with housewarming gifts that are both practical and attractive can be challenging. Although many people may have an idea of the perfect gift for a new homeowner, choosing something that is unique yet timeless and high-quality is always a good way to welcome someone to the neighborhood.

Luckily, during the holiday season, it’s easier than ever to find a festive welcoming gift for your friend or new neighbor. Plus, with the current world events keeping us at home this year more than ever, freshening up our living spaces are on top of our minds. Home décor is anticipated to be the hot holiday gift trend for 2020. Here are our favorite in-store picks.

What Is a Good Gift For a New Homeowner?

Although it is commonplace to show up at a housewarming party with a gift for the homeowner, coming up with a unique gift while still being functional should be the goal. New homeowners receive a lot of consumable goods from friends and neighbors, but you can make an impact by giving a gift with longevity.

If you’re looking for the perfect gift, try a practical present for every day or a more festive one for the holiday season. Either choice will bring your friends joy for years to come. The key is to choose a gift that the homeowner will really want and appreciate, so you should also take into consideration how well you know the recipient and the type of décor the individual likes.

Practical Housewarming Holiday Gifts

A practical housewarming gift is one that is as useful as possible to the new homeowner. It’s possible to find a practical gift that can still be a unique and attractive addition to the home.

When selecting a gift, take a moment to consider what items you frequently use in your home. Even though consumable gifts are popular and appreciated in the short term, a gift that can become a long-term or permanent part of the décor can be a better solution for many new homeowners, especially if extra care is taken to make the perfect selection.

Examples include high-quality throw blankets, scented candles that are also beautiful for decoration, and other accessories that go well with a variety of home interior design look.

Mohair Throws

Throw blankets are the perfect addition to a living room or other seating area because they instantly transform the space into a cozy place to settle in. Mohair throws are a unique choice because not only are they soft, fluffy, and lightweight, but they are also excellent at keeping a regulated temperature.

Unlike other types of fabrics and materials, mohair saturates well during the dyeing process, which results in beautiful and vibrant color options that can beautify any space. The blanket will quickly become your favorite. Our throws are produced by the same mill that has sheared, dyed, and woven the wool since the 15th century in Spain.

Artisanal scented candles

Artisanal Scented candles are well-known as exquisite gifts for nearly any occasion, since they provide a pleasant scent throughout the home while simultaneously creating ambiance. What sets artisanal candles apart from other types of scented candles is the craftsmanship of the items.

Artisanal candles are typically designed with a carefully customized scent and hand-poured with the highest-quality materials, whether soy or beeswax. Although many contain traditional cotton wicks, others use wooden varieties. Artisanal candles come in both traditional and luxury containers, which means you can choose to let the piece blend in or stand out as much as you want.

On a side note: With 2020 fizzling out, many of our travel plans, burning a candle to take you on a great escape. Our selection of artisanal scented candles by Bougies La Francaise, are hand-poured in France. They mix scents of spiced vanilla, tobacco, rhum, cashmere, and cedarwood in a gentle and sophisticated way. With over 60 hours of burn time to remind us to slow down, refocus, and relax.

Home décor accessories

If you want to choose a practical gift that can be used for a long time, choose timeless home décor accessories that have a twist of a current trend. For example, a magazine rack is a practical gift, but you can add a modern twist by choosing one made from metal to give a rustic look. Or, choose a wooden serving tray that can double as a charcuterie board if your friend loves to entertain. If you choose to go with a plant to spruce up home décor, try succulents in an artistic pot instead of a vase of flowers. There are many ways to take your go-to gift to the next level when you add a twist of modern.

Holiday Gift Christmas Ideas for New Homeowners

If the new homeowner in your life happens to move close to the holiday season, what better way to extend a welcome than to add a little festive cheer to the home with a holiday gifts? The easiest way to accomplish this is to choose items that would make perfect housewarming gifts at any time during the year and add a festive touch to create holiday gifts for new homeowners.

If you have already decided to try a mohair throw, choose one that is in a rich emerald green or burgundy to add festive flair. Your Christmas ideas for the new homeowner do not have to be overtly holiday-themed but add just enough of the spirit of celebration that they can be relished at any time of year. Think sparkles, light, red and green hues, saturated plaids, and items that are useful for family gatherings.

Best Designer Home Décor

When you’re in the market for a long-lasting and high-quality gift for a new homeowner and want to make a great impression, why not turn to a home décor designer with an excellent reputation for beautiful and luxurious products?

Choosing your gift from one of the home décor companies that strive to create versatile products for a variety of interior design themes can make a real impact. Most companies have product choices for every room of the house and design specialty items that are perfect for the holiday season. An experienced interior designer can help you make informed choices about products from popular home décor collections that make the best housewarming gifts.

Arteriors Furniture & Home Decor

Although Arteriors is known for beautifully handcrafted furniture, lighting, and wall décor, they also have many small home décor items and accessories that are ideal for gift-giving. From wall decor to barware to decorative boxes, Arteriors has something for everyone on your welcoming list.

Looking to help Amp up your Zoom Room?

The “Zoom Room” is a new design trend brought on to us by switching to the home office. Find yourself distracted by boring shelves? Fun accessories, like a metal knot from Arteriors, is an interesting accent to keep peoples’ eyes moving through your space and off the mustard stain on your shirt.

Moes Home Collection

Moes Home Collection designs beautiful and modern pieces for your home, including large furniture staples and small pieces of décor. Decorative pieces such as vases and sculptures or items to soften the room, such as throws or accent pillows, are always great choices for the new homeowner.

Décor by Top Designers

When choosing housewarming gifts or holiday gifts for new homeowners, keep in mind top home décor designers such as Calma House, Claudi, Ralph M, Les Ottomans, Maison Thevenon, or Eastern Accents for your shopping needs. Your interior designer can help you choose the perfect pieces for gifting.

Get Things New Homeowners Need at Interior Essentials

Whether you are looking for something for your own home or trying to find the ideal gift for a friend or new neighbor, Scottsdale and Gilbert area residents know Interior Essentials can guide them in the right direction for all home décor needs. If you want to view the showroom for interior design ideas or would like to speak with an interior design consultant for more decorating ideas, contact Interior Essentials for more information.


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