Finding the Perfect Window Treatment & Shades for Summer

Every house becomes an oasis when the summer sun approaches. Whether it is your bedroom, kitchen, living room, etc. the perfect summer window treatments can not only complete a room’s design but also let you enjoy the summer sun while protecting you from it. Picking the ideal window treatment can be overwhelming but keeping in mind what you need in a treatment can help. 

Several Things to consider are opacity, efficiency, and style. One of these things should not be sacrificed for the other but rather combined into a unique treatment suited to your needs. With endless options, there is a window treatment for everyone, and considering the following characteristics will help you decide what you want in your home.  

What Opacity do I Want in my Room? 

Opacity is very important in a window covering, opacity determines the amount of light that will be shining into your room. If you desire more light in your room, then Semi sheer might be a great option for you. However, if you prefer no light, blackout covering may be more your speed. Products such as the Hunter Douglas Roller shades are offered in different opacities without sacrificing efficiency or style. With these roller shades, you can have as much light as suits your needs and if you desire blackout,  these roller shades fit your window to make sure there is no light leaking in from the sides of your windows.  

What Kind of Efficiency Do I Need?  

Every home is different but our recommendation for the Arizona sun is something that can withstand the heat. With little rain in the valley, the sun can shine on your window treatments constantly at high temperatures. Products such as the Hunter Douglas honeycomb shades provide layers to protect both the window covering and the temperature of your home. These honeycomb shades trap air in pockets to keep your home insulated from the sun and even the cold when winter rolls around again. 

Honeycomb isn’t your only choice for efficient window treatments if you’re looking for another style in your home. The previously mentioned Hunter Douglas roller shades are created in layers to also protect your home from the heat and cold. During the summer this is especially helpful when wanting to protect your furniture from the harsh rays of the sun. This treatment is also available in a dual roller to allow light to come in without having to open and close your shade all the way.  

The fabric also isn’t the only efficiency concern to consider. The Hunter Douglas roller shades can be upgraded to motorized and placed on a timer. This is great for those west-facing windows that may bring in the light while you’re still sleeping. Another product to consider is a Norman Smart Drape. This Drape is wonderful for a sliding glass door. The veins of the curtains open vertically so you are able to keep out the light and still walk through the curtain with no fuss.  

What Style Would Suite my Home?  

The style of your window covering depends on the style of your home and your personal preferences. No idea is a bad idea and with all of the options to choose from, there are many styles to suit your needs. The Previously mentioned Hunter Douglas roller shades are a very nice contemporary style of window shade that can be a good accent to your home instead of a centerpiece.  

If you’re looking for something with a little more design to add texture to your home,  products such as Norman Portrait honeycomb shades have folds that’ll add a beautiful accent to any home. The folds in the fabric give the product a unique look as the sun hits every fold in a different manner illuminating the product while still keeping the room the temperature what you want it to be.  

What if I Have Other Concerns?  

If you have any other questions regarding window treatments, our experts know the ins and outs of our window treatments. In addition, the products listed above are products we don’t just carry but can specialize for your home! Interior Essentials believes every home should feel like an oasis for summer including yours.

Written by Savannah Renteria