Bringing Nature Indoors

Bringing Nature Indoors

Welcoming nature in to your home can do a lot aesthetically and for your inner well-being. With advancements in technology on the forefront, often we lose our primitive roots and connection with the earth. Subtle changes in your home, like bringing in the beautiful colors of nature with paint and adding living plants, can have a positive impact on your health and overall psyche. Taking it a step further with natures materials to add the most intriguing design elements to your space. It can also be a way to thoughtfully infuse your space with your passions.

For hikers, Palecek’s Petrified Wood Wall Décor suspends fossilized wood between 2 panes of acrylic, a natural element in a modern setting reminiscent of the forest.

Palecek’s Petrified Wood Wall Décor

The metal succulents on Arteriors Home Anita Lamp look like the plants we see wandering through the desert.

anita lamp

Moe’s Home Cross Section nesting coffee tables are reminiscent of tree rings.

cross section

If you seek every opportunity to have your feet in the sand Palecek’s Balboa wall décor features intricately placed seashells in a swirling pattern that looks like untouched ocean floor.

Balboa wall décor

Arteriors Home Dakota Vases are reminiscent of a cluster of barnacles that wash to shore, and their Maurice Sculpture is a large statement piece designed to feel like a real clamshell.

Maurice Sculpture

Add costal curiosity with Fossilized Clamshell, a rare material featured on a few styles of Palecek’s Side Tables and Coffee Tables, will leave guests guessing at this hypnotic beauty, bringing you back to your last beach vacation.

coffee table

Add an unexpected playfulness with animal inspired textures like the faux porcupine quills on Arteriors Home Alek Mirror by designer FRANK PONTERIO, or stacked natural horn shown on their Miller Floor Lamp, both play with light/dark coloration.

Alek Mirror

Shagreen is a practical application for homes with young kids, the faux shark skin is often printed on vinyl, easy to clean and can be found on many furniture pieces, including the Mako Bar Cabinet by Moes Home Collection. Have fun mixing it up and stay inspired in your space.

mako bar cabinet