Custom Furniture

Shopping for custom furniture is an experience that differs dramatically from buying out-of-the-box furniture, and there’s virtually no question as to which one is the better choice. While standard furniture collections feature only a series of identical, mass-produced pieces, custom designs allow you to create a piece that’s specifically suited to your preferences. From fabric type and color to the wood finishes, you gain the ability to tailor every detail according to your unique taste.

The result is furniture that has been hand-crafted for you and your home, and a final look that flawlessly fits your style. With an array of benefits and the potential to transform any space, it’s no wonder that custom furniture has become a popular choice for discerning designers and homeowners. Here are just a few of the reasons you may want to consider custom designs for your home.

Invest in a One-of-a-Kind, Future Family Heirloom

Whether you’re sprucing up your living room for summer or starting a new home from scratch, the odds are that you’d prefer to choose furniture pieces that will stand the test of time. Custom furniture is typically made from significantly higher-quality materials than their factory-made alternatives, such as solid wood and luxurious fabrics. These pieces are built to last, not simply serve as a trendy, disposable item that you toss once the next season arrives.

Additionally, because you’re designing a custom piece according to your style, you can be confident that the final product will be something you absolutely adore. This makes it all the more likely that it will become a fixture in your family home, then be passed down among future generations as a treasured heirloom.

Ensure the Perfect Fit for Your Space

For many homeowners, there is at least one space in their house that proves to be particularly challenging to furnish. Perhaps it’s an oddly-shaped room, an open concept design, or functionality that’s making it difficult to shop for furniture. Whatever the case, you don’t have to spend time and energy struggling to fit together pieces that simply aren’t compatible.

With custom furniture design, you can often select specific dimensions to suit your room’s footprint. This could mean building a massive, cozy sectional for movie nights, extra-tall bar stools for your chef-style kitchen island, or even slim nightstands to conserve space in a guest house. Ultimately, your options are virtually limitless.


Maximize Value

As you’d imagine, there is a considerable price difference between custom furniture and the pieces you can find at your local big-box store. However, the expense is more than worth it when you consider all of the benefits of custom furniture design. There is a world of difference between these two broad categories of furniture, and the elevated price point of custom designs comes with far more pros than cons.

Once you add up the cost of buying new furniture every few years – or more, depending on how quickly your mass-produced pieces wear out – the price of custom furniture is an incredible value. In the long run, being able to design your perfect piece without a single sacrifice is nearly priceless.

Make Sustainability a Priority

For many homeowners and interior designers alike, sustainability has become an important factor in the design and décor process. It’s become about more than simply creating beautiful, stylish furniture, but also about supporting the health and longevity of our environment. Unlike mass-produced furniture, custom designs give you the ability to be extremely selective in the materials utilized in your home. For eco-friendly, ethically-sourced materials, there’s no better choice than custom furniture design.

Because Interior Essentials believes strongly in the value of sustainable furniture, we’ve partnered with brands that demonstrate a clear commitment to eco-friendly sourcing and production practices:

  • Cisco Home
  • Taracea
  • Fabricut

Create Your Perfect Space with Custom Furniture Designs from Interior Essentials

When you’re designing a home that speaks to your style, generic furniture designs simply fall short of the mark. Instead, turn to custom furniture design to create the pieces that truly bring your design vision to life.

At our design and décor showrooms in Scottsdale and Gilbert, Interior Essentials offers an exceptional selection of exclusive brands for all your custom furniture needs. With the ability to select your preferred colors, fabrics, finishes, styles, price points, and more, you’ll have the power to craft the perfect piece, every time. Instead of settling for furniture that’s just “good enough,” why not design a home that is absolutely and authentically you? The talented and experienced design team at Interior Essentials can guide you through the design process, making it simple and stress-free to bring any space to life with custom furniture.

Enhance your home with custom furniture design by scheduling a design consultation or visiting the Interior Essentials in Gilbert or Scottsdale today.