A Look at Custom Furniture Options

Like that furniture piece – but it’s not perfect? Look at custom furniture options

Have you ever found yourself wishing that you could somehow translate your idea of the perfect furniture piece into your real-life space? All too often, shopping for furniture online or in-stores is a disappointing and exhausting process – especially when you go home empty-handed. 

Luckily, whether you’re trying to furnish a brand-new space or simply update a few key pieces, you don’t have to settle for what you can find on the showroom floor. Instead, custom furniture designs offer a smart and simple way to start from scratch and create your ideal piece. 

For many people, custom furniture sounds like something reserved for those with expansive budgets and multimillion-dollar homes. However, in today’s world of design and décor, custom furniture may be far more accessible than you’d think – especially if you choose Interior Essentials as your design source. And once you learn more about custom furniture, you can’t afford to miss out on.

What is custom furniture?

Custom furniture can involve simple choices, such as selecting your preferred fabric or finish. For many homeowners, it’s more than enough to be able to choose from a collection of fabrics that includes options that are easy-to-clean, stain-resistant, eco-friendly, sustainable, or even luxury. In other cases, picking a specific structure – such as the set-up of various pieces of a sectional couch – offers the customization they need. 

Other customers prefer to have full design control over every aspect of a piece of furniture, including the color, size, style, finish, fabric, and more. Especially if you’re working with a uniquely-sized space, or one that’s incredibly challenging to furnish, custom furniture can be the key to a successful design. Many rooms are a good fit for custom furniture design. Rooms can be from small spaces to large to open-concept rooms.

Depending on a number of factors, including your selected designer, fabric, size, and furniture style, the cost of custom furniture can vary considerably. There are undoubtedly budget-friendly options for custom pieces, but it’s also possible to aim for the ultimate in upscale luxury – it’s entirely up to you!

Benefits of custom furniture

Usually, custom furniture will require a more considerable investment of time and money. However, when you consider the many custom furniture benefits, it’s clearly worth its weight in gold.

You can create a piece that flawlessly fits your specifications.

We’ve all experienced the frustration of seeing a particular furniture piece that’s almost perfect – but not quite. Whether it’s the wrong size, color, or style, or maybe missing a few key details that you can’t go without, there’s no reason to settle for subpar furniture. When you go the custom route, you gain complete control over all the design details: upholstery, size, configuration, and so much more. You won’t have to make any sacrifices, so you can be confident that the result will be a piece you absolutely adore.

The quality can’t be beaten.

It’s no question that out-of-the-box furniture simply can’t compare to custom designs. Not only does custom furniture look good, but it’s generally crafted using a high standard of quality as well. The workmanship and selection of materials are unmatched, and skilled artisans handcraft many custom pieces. For an heirloom piece that will last through many happy years in your home, custom furniture is an excellent choice.

Why Interior Essentials is the Go-To Source for Custom Furniture in Phoenix

When you’re searching for the perfect custom furniture designs to add to your home, quality and style are paramount. Don’t settle for anything less than perfection, especially when you’re hoping to invest in pieces that will stand the test of time. 

At Interior Essentials, our team of designers has the talent and expertise to think outside the box, helping you bring your vision to life. We’ve earned a well-respected position as a trusted design industry source for custom furniture in Gilbert, Scottsdale, and the entire Valley, working closely with professionals and homeowners alike.

We’ve curated a collection of the best designers and brands in the industry, crafting an exclusive assortment of options that simplify the custom process. Here, you can find custom options for every room in your home, allowing you to outfit your entire space to suit your style. Interior Essentials’ designers work with high-end brands such as Fabricut, Arteriors, Palecek, Thevenon 1908, and others. The result is a diverse range of choices for color, size, shape, finish, style, and price point.

Not sure how to create custom furniture designs that are right for your home and lifestyle? That’s where the talent and creativity of our designers come in. Together, you can achieve stunning style solutions that you’re sure to love.

Visit Interior Essentials to Begin the Custom Furniture Process Today

Instead of spending time, money, and energy searching the dozens of Phoenix furniture stores for your perfect pieces, why not create your own? Interior Essentials works diligently to make the best custom design options available to our customers, offering the additional benefit of an experienced design team every step of the way. We take great pride in supporting both designers and homeowners in the process of creating beautiful, timeless spaces that serve as a stylish backdrop to everyday life.

Visit the Interior Essentials home design showrooms in Gilbert and Scottsdale or schedule an appointment to begin your custom furniture design today.

Featured Image: Shutterstock/Mattia Mazzucchelli