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Enliven Your Living Room With Custom Furniture

There’s a popular saying that describes the kitchen as the “heart of the home,” but which space is your home’s soul? Here at Interior Essentials, we firmly believe that the living room is the soul of any home; a place where a lifetime of memories can be made.

Whether your home serves as a casual home base for your growing family, a stylish entertainment space, or a peaceful retreat from the outside world (or all three!), the living room plays many different roles. Both form and function are necessities, especially in creating a space that will truly stand the test of time.

Custom Furniture for Your Living Room

Although it can be tempting to fill your living room with an assortment of pieces from big box stores, custom living room furniture is often a far better choice. After all, why choose generic, cookie-cutter furniture for a space that’s supposed to reflect your unique sense of style?

With custom furniture, you can make sure that your living room has all the comforts of home – and the simple luxuries of a thoughtfully-designed space.

Seating to Suit Every Occasion

From family movie nights to formal cocktail parties, your living room should be a place where people can gather, relax, and enjoy their time. But first, you’ll need to ensure that the seating set-up is conducive to not just the space itself, but also your design tastes and lifestyle.

Custom living room seating is an excellent way to curate a comfortable seating arrangement that works in the ways you need it to. Here are some ideas for incorporating custom seating into your living room:

  • Choose an oversized, plush sectional to add plenty of seating and casual comfort to your space. If you have children or teens, choose a fabric that’s both durable and stylish for the ideal balance of practicality and aesthetics. Take advantage of custom configuration options to make the most of the available square footage.
  • For a balanced, traditional look, consider positioning two matching custom sofas or loveseats on either side of the space. Opt for an understated neutral or a bold and vibrant shade, then anchor the two pieces with a large area rug and coffee table for a flawless finish.

Create a relaxing reading nook with a large, upholstered armchair in a fabric that speaks to your style. Options like jewel-toned velvet or rich, buttery leather can add a sense of glam to the room but are also versatile enough to adapt to the room’s changing style.

Custom Tables to Serve Many Purposes

Although seating often gets the credit as the hardest-working furniture in a living room, tables do more than their fair share of jobs as well. Without the right arrangement of end tables, in addition to a coffee table (or ottoman) and others, the space simply falls short.

Here are just some of the ways that custom tables can be a key ingredient in a beautiful and functional living room:

  • End tables are a necessity, giving you a space to set down drinks, place entertainment remotes, and put an illuminating table lamp or two.
  • Atop a custom coffee table, arrange a pretty vignette to create a lived-in but polished look. Custom details like luxury finishes and oversized shapes are key to a table that’s unlike anything from a typical furniture store.

Unique Arrangements To Fit Your Lifestyle

Above all, your living room should be a space that serves your specific lifestyle. Unfortunately, generic furniture can limit the possibilities of a room. But when you choose custom, your options are virtually endless:

  • Set up a small bar area for entertaining, complete with a glamorous bar cart, petite drink tables, and a pairing of comfortable side chairs.
  • Display a large collection of books, art, or mementos on a set of custom bookshelves or built-ins, styling each perfectly-sized shelf with items that are meaningful to you and your family.
  • Custom design pieces that complement family heirlooms or vintage finds, so you’ll never have to sacrifice your most special pieces for the sake of a comfortable space for all.

Enhance Your Home with Custom Furniture in Scottsdale and Gilbert at Interior Essentials

Is your living room in need of a stylish upgrade in the form of a new sofa or armchair? Or perhaps you’re creating the space from scratch, and looking for foundational furniture pieces, window coverings, and décor details. Whatever has you searching for home décor and custom furniture in Gilbert and Scottsdale, you can discover your design must-haves at Interior Essentials.

Whether your style is contemporary chic, timeless, and traditional, or anywhere in between, creating custom living room furniture ensures the perfect piece every single time. Visit Interior Essentials to explore your options for custom furniture in the Phoenix area and start styling your space today.

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